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    Autor: k1lly0u
    Wersja: 2.1.42
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    • lustymap.admin -- Dostęp do komend administracyjnych


    • /map admin - Toggles Admin View On/Off (allows you to see all player on the map) - Requires auth level or permission lustymap.admin
    • /marker add <name> <option> - Add a new map marker on your position with a optional custom icon
    • /marker remove <name> - Remove a custom map marker by name

    Komendy dla konsoli serwera

    • resetmap - Force the plugin to erase existing image data and re-download all images (used to reset generated maps)

    Plik konfiguracyjny: oxide/config/LustyMap.json

      "Friend Options": {
        "Allow custom friend lists from other plugins": true,
        "Enable clans support": true,
        "Enable friends support": true
      "Map - Complex Options": {
        "Enable the complex map": true,
        "Force complex zoom mode": false,
        "Forced zoom number (1, 2 or 3)": 1
      "Map - Main Options": {
        "Enable AFK tracking": true,
        "Hide event players": true,
        "Map image options": {
          "Beancan.io API key (if applicable)": "",
          "Custom map filename": "",
          "Use custom map": false
        "Map update time (seconds)": 1.0,
        "Open map on for player's when they connect": true,
        "Show map compass": true
      "Map - Mini Options": {
        "Enable the minimap": true,
        "Minimap docked on the left side of the screen": true,
        "Minimap horizontal scale": 1.0,
        "Minimap offset from side of the screen": 0.0,
        "Minimap offset from top of the screen": 0.0,
        "Minimap vertical scale": 1.0
      "Marker Options": {
        "Show all players": false,
        "Show cars (un-occupied only)": true,
        "Show caves": false,
        "Show debris": false,
        "Show friends and clanmates": true,
        "Show helicopters": true,
        "Show marker names": true,
        "Show monuments": true,
        "Show planes": true,
        "Show self": true,
        "Show supply drops": true,
        "Show tanks": true,
        "Show vending machines (public broadcast only)": true
      "Spam Options": {
        "Allowed time between map changes": 3,
        "Amount of time a users map will be disabled": 120,
        "Attempts before disabling the users map": 10,
        "Attempts before warning the user they are spamming": 5,
        "Enable spam monitoring": true

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